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استمع (Istame'a) | Listen: Queer Muslim Stories

Welcome to our podcast, Istame'a | Listen, a safe space for sharing queer Muslim stories. In our four-part series hosted by Rabia Mirza, we’ll be sharing raw, honest and personal stories from queer Muslims. We’ll explore what it’s like to come out, how we navigate the stigma of shame and examine the blurred lines between religion, sexuality and culture. This series is brought to you by Hidayah, one of UK’s fastest growing organisations supporting LGBTQI+ Muslims. Our mission is to ensure the voices of queer Muslims are heard and understood.To share your stories, get in touch here.

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March 2020: Coming Out To Your Partner Later In Life / BBC Asian Network: Group Chat

Poppy and guests discuss the difficulties of coming out later in life and the impact it can have on others.

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Group Chat: Coming Out To Your Partner Later In LifeBBC Asian Network
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February 2020: Hidayah has an impact on the Bristol LGBTQ+ scene because it offers an alternative. Hidayah offers a safe space that isn’t centred around going out in a pub or bar or out on an evening. I am proud to be a member of the Bristol LGBTQ+ scene, both as a participant as well as having a hand in offering alternatives.


Farina at Bristol 24/7 News

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January 2020: La Vie Boheme is coming to Bristol, the producers of a new production of Rent are in the studio. Also the latest News Extra where the team talk about the recent election, and the first of our new partner podcasts, Hidayah. (Hidayah speaks between 4m-11m in this clip)

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Rent, The ProducersShoutout LGBT Radio
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January 2020: Sometimes for some of us, a new year is a time of struggle and confusion, worry and anxiety. We talk to Lucy from Sunflower Suicide Prevention Project  about coping. Also we introduce our new podcast partners, Hidayah, who represent the Queer Muslim community. (Hidayah speaks between 26m-37m in this clip)

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Coping with a New YearShoutout LGBT Radio
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