​​Meet the Team: UK


Shelina (she/her)

Founder & Chair

Hey! I'm Shelina and I am one of the founders of Hidayah. I decided to set Hidayah up as a result of my own personal experiences. I felt like there were very few spaces to be open about one’s faith in the LGBTQI+ community without receiving ridicule or criticism from a community who may feel that religious institutions are fundamentally oppressive.


Hidayah aims to undermine and deconstruct these hegemonic views and offer safe spaces and meeting groups for LGBTQI+ Muslims (whether an individual is practising or not) and provide them with resources that show that Islam is compatible with LGBTQI+. We're here to make an invisible minority, within a minority, visible again.

Adam (he/him)


Hello, I'm Adam and I'm based in Manchester. My heritage is English and Pakistani. I bring my experience in data privacy and regulatory compliance to Hidayah.

I passionately believe in equality and hope help build and provide a safe space to LGBTQI+ Muslims that allows them to be their true selves.


Jordan (he/him)


Hey! I’m Jordan, I'm based in London and am the Charities Treasurer. I first came across Hidayah when working with Shelina, the Charity sparked an interest with me for its advocacy work in helping people within the LGBTQI+ community accept themselves as well as aligning this with faith/religion. Whilst these experiences are not mine, I am compassionate and have a level of understanding the challenges the LGBTQI+ community face daily.


I am excited to be able to bring my experience to the Charity and help Hidayah achieve its aims where I can, whilst also being able to learn of Muslim experiences within the community and how I can enhance my allyship.


Samie (he/him)

Research Officer

Hello, my name is Samie I’m currently based in Edinburgh and have completed a Master’s degree in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies. I am Arab, Iranian and identify as queer and therefore sensitive to the particular challenges queer Muslims must negotiate in order to live their authentic lives.


I look forward to supporting all volunteers who are generous enough to pledge some time to our increasingly vital cause.


Farina (she/her)

Project Officer

My name is Farina, I originally started up a safe space for Muslim LGBTQI+ Muslims in Bristol and joined Hidayah LGBTQI+ to expand the resources and support available to Muslims in Bristol.


I identify as a queer Muslim woman and have always battled with self-identity as either being queer, or being Muslim. This battle I learnt was not just exclusive to me, and this was the reason I wanted to create and be part of a movement that encourages people to be both. The work that Hidayah LGBTQI+ does to promote, educate and encourage Muslims to find peace with their identity is so vital, and to be able to be a part of this is an extreme privilege.



IT/Tech Trustee

Bio coming soon


Osman (he/him)

Community Outreach Officer

My name is Osman and I initially heard about Hidayah through listening to a feature on the radio. I identify as a gay Muslim man and have had to overcome many social issues around my sexuality and religion.


I feel passionate about helping people who identify as Muslim and LGBTQI+. I would like to help create a safe space place for Muslim LGBTQI+ and help support people who are struggling with their identity. I currently work in higher education and volunteer with various LGBTQI+ charities and have helped organise a social group here at my University. I am part of a growing LGBTQI+ network based in Glasgow. 


I look forward to working with Hidayah to help build a stronger bond between LGBTQI+ community and the Muslim community.

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Jaron (he/him)

HR & Recruitment Officer

Hello! I'm Jaron and I am based in Leeds.


I'm the charities HR & Recruitment Officer and I recruit and look after all of our amazing Hidayah LGBT UK volunteers.


I feel extremely previleged to be part of a forward thinking organisation, providing a safe space for LGBT+ Muslims to be themselves.

As a gay man, I am passionate about inclusivity and what Hidayah LGBT+ UK stands for. I look forward to learning more about, helping the Muslim LGBT+ community.

These are elected volunteers and none of the committee are paid for their work with Hidayah. Our team are spread all over the UK.


If you would like to contact one of us, please 'FAO with the name of the person you want to contact' and email us at info@hidayahlgbt.co.uk