​​Meet the Team: USA


Sami (he/him)

Hidayah Chair USA 

Salaam! I’m Sami (he/him) a NYC native, (g)uncle, tea connoisseur, Bengali, Virgo, a listener, passionate about public health//community development, and I usually am hungry 😬


I’m really excited to bring Hidayah here to the US after attending the Hidayah UK conference in 2019. As the Chair - I know that this is going to be a big task, but I’m looking forward to help setting the foundation for creating a space space and family for Queer Muslims. This will be a transformative journey and I hope to see you a part of it as well!

Sidd (he/him)

Finance & Secretary Chair

Hey! I'm Sidd and I’m a young professional based in Boston, MA and working as an operations consultant. I started following Hidayah on Instagram and was really fascinated by the amazing work being done in creating a space for individuals of muslim faith who identify as LGBTQI+. I identify as an atheist gay man but because I was raised in a Hindu-family and attended Catholic school, religion and faith has played an integral part in molding my identity. I believe that in order to attain contentment in life it is essential to accept oneself for who they are. I’m excited to bring my personal experience to help the organization in its efforts and also learn from the Hidayah LGBTQI+ community!


Azaadi (they/them)

Communications and Monitoring Chair

Shireen Azaadi Khan, who goes by Azaadi (they/them), is currently a Youth Mental Health Specialist and Advocate at Sakhi for South Asian Women, a violence prevention organization based in New York City serving survivors of gender-based violence, including sexual and domestic violence. They have nearly 10 years of experience working with youth in the arts, education, and counseling. As a holistic practitioner, they value creating social change and providing thoroughly anti-oppressive, trauma-informed social services on micro, mezzo, and macro levels. This has led them to commit their time to clinical and ethnographic research, program evaluation, and implementation science in partnership with organizations around the world. In addition to this, most recently, they have been facilitating and co-facilitating restorative justice and healing circles for populations such as LGBTQ+ Muslims, survivors of domestic violence, and care workers. Azaadi is from a 1st generation, immigrant, and Sunni family from Karnataka, India.

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Elizabeth (she/her)

Programming Officer

Hi! I’m Elizabeth. I started attending Hidayah events in London in 2018 while I was working on a Master’s degree in Global Migration. When I moved back to the US, I became excited about the idea of helping create a Hidayah branch across the pond with the same commitment to inclusivity and community support.


Working with Hidayah and participating in their events has offered me the opportunity to learn how to be a better activist and advocate for social justice. I have made great friendships and found an amazing community along the way!


Ben (he/him)

Membership and Programming Chair

Salaam! My name is Ben, my pronouns are he/him, and I'm an educator, researcher, and anthropologist. I'm passionate about community empowerment and interfaith dialogue. I'm also an avid hiker, amateur photographer, and cat lover. As a queer Muslim, a gay man, an Iranian-American, and a Midwesterner, I’m excited to be a part of Hidayah’s efforts to build inclusive and affirming communities for all LGBTQ Muslims across the US.

These are elected volunteers and none of the committee are paid for their work with Hidayah. Our team are spread all over the UK.


If you would like to contact one of us, please 'FAO with the name of the person you want to contact' and email us at info@hidayahlgbt.co.uk