Trans during COVID-19 in Pakistan

During Covid-19 Pandemic where the situation around the world is crucial, the situation in our country is getting more acute and more detrimental. Here people are facing isolation for a few days, but there is a population in this country that has always lived in isolation being marginalized and defenseless. The population I am talking about is the mistreated, tortured, abused class of our country, who hardly receives any love and respect from family and society. I am here addressing on behalf of the transgender community of Pakistan.

Where people are getting paranoid about being in their own homes and living their families, and our government is also facing issues while maintaining the lockdown, The transgender community is spending these days in high concerns, like how to manage food to eat, house rents and utilities? We have been suffering from starvation and deprivation from the past but during lockdown we are facing the most unfavorable time ever.

We want to raise a question that in regular days no one hears the gender diverse community, in circumstances like lockdown to whom we approach for help? High officials have always showing insensitivity and disregard towards us.

Transgender people earn by begging here in Pakistan and due to the current circumstances their income is standing at a sum of zero, We being transgender have always been facing decisive situations in every single step in our lives, We always prefer to have a sustainable life even if the society rejects us to accept, After facing violence and harassment and other incidents we go through we know how to put a smile on our face, We build a box around our grief and distress but never mourn about it to anyone.

Today where the whole world is facing a crucial situation, this is the right moment where people should be motivated to help the transgender community of Pakistan, to build an understanding of people about the lifetime isolation and marginalization of our people, by showing humanity and equality we can fight through this hard time together, and make sure that even after the pandemic situation ends we will show solidarity, respect and equity towards all especially gender diverse communities.


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