Thank you for expressing an interest to sponsor our cause. We are a volunteer led organisation with an aim to support the welfare of LGBTQI+ Muslims. Your support will enable us to continue providing our vital service and help improve the lives of others. This page will explain what we do, why we are needed, what your support will contribute towards, and your benefits from sponsoring us.

Depending on the level of sponsorship, your organisation could benefit from the following:

  • Your organisational logo promoted on:

    • Our website (viewed by over 2000 people monthly)

    • Our annual report (published on our website)

    • Our monthly newsletters (viewed by over 500 people monthly)

    • Printed resources such as booklets, posters and flyers

  • Your organisations banner, leaflets or merchandise at our events which take place monthly in 5 major cities (with over 500 members)

  • Social media ‘shout outs’ including your organisational biography and photos. This includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (with over 6000 followers)

  • A mention in our reports, at our events and on radio or podcast productions

  • Your logo printed on merchandise to be worn at Pride events in London, Birmingham and Manchester. Prides attract over 1 million people each year

  • We will put you in the spotlight and will work with you to get your organisation or brand noticed by the LGBTQI+ and wider community

​Your kind sponsorship would keep us running, and greatly contribute towards the following:


  • Social justice campaigns LGBTQI+ visibility

  • Visibility in Prides 

  • Cost of resources and materials for campaigns

  • Facilitate events and workshops for volunteers and members

  • Hire safe spaces for social and educational events

  • Expand and grow our community, to reach many who are suffering in silence

Our mission:

“To provide support and welfare for LGBTQI+ Muslims and promote social justice and education about the Muslim LGBTQI+ community to counter discrimination, prejudice and injustice.”

Our vision:

“To ensure that the voices of LGBTQI+ Muslims are heard and understood.”


Our Aims:

Hidayah seeks to promote LGBTQI+ Muslim voices in contemporary discourses on identity, Islam in the 21st century and Modern British Values. We aim to do this through events and workshops to support LGBTQI+ individuals who identify as Muslims or who come from a Muslim heritage. We also value and wish to foster a positive relationship with the wider population of allies and supporters. 


Our objectives:

  • To increase the visibility and voices of LGBTQI+ Muslims

  • To raise awareness of the needs of LGBTQI+ Muslims

  • To provide educational resources and projects to support LGBTQI+ Muslims

  • To develop opportunities for LGBTQI+ Muslims to access welfare services

  • To campaign to provide social justice for the LGBTQI+ Muslim community

Why we are needed:

Whilst homosexuality and Islam has a complicated history ranging from acceptance and accommodation to outright persecution, many LGBTQI+ Muslims also experience prejudice based on their ethnic and religious identity. As such, LGBTQI+ Muslims have a unique perspective allowing us to articulate new ways of living together and building bridges. It is the confidence to do this however, which is lacking in our communities. Working with allies like yourselves, Hidayah hopes to build the confidence of our members and supporters to champion a new vision of living together in a multifaith, multicultural society where each of us can realise our full potential.


Hidayah works predominantly within the Muslim population because we recognise that while attitudes and legislation are changing, the effects of these changes are not always felt within the wider Muslim community. A study by Channel 4 (2016) for example found that only 18% of Muslims agreed that homosexuality should be legal in Britain, while 52% said it should not. This statistic was noteworthy when compared to results that reflected attitudes within the British public more generally (among whom, only 5% think that homosexuality should be made illegal). Hidayah has a progressive and positive outlook nonetheless and we firmly believe that attitudes within the Muslim community can change and are changing slowly; it is because the lived reality for many though is still very difficult that a group like Hidayah is needed.


There are positive ‘coming out’ stories happening and we are seeing a rise in LGBTQI+ Muslims speaking out. More work is being done to address our specific needs around sexuality, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, culture and immigration status, but more must be done. It has been said about LGBTQI+ Muslims that: “Change is happening, it’s just slow and it will take years of conversations” (The Independent, 2016). Hidayah aims to be at the forefront of this movement enabling change and building momentum for LGBTQI+ Muslims and the struggles we still face.


We organise a range of campaigns, hold social events and run workshops across the UK, in London, Birmingham and Manchester for LGBTQI+ Muslims. In our workshops we explore the interception between sexuality and Islam as well as offer a safe space to discuss other issues and, importantly, sexual health. Our launch campaign was called LGBTQI+ Muslim Visibility where the aim was to publicly address the difficulties in coming out as gay, lesbian or other sexual/gender minorities within the Muslim community. Despite LGBTQI+ legislation and public attitudes having shifted greatly over the years, we continue to live within a world where too many LGBTQI+ Muslims are unable to live openly for fear of extreme persecution and rejection. Hidayah has been founded to tackle this inequality which is why we believe it is imperative to create an open dialogue to address these issues directly and provide a public face for LGBTQI+ Muslims.

Read more about us, meet the committee, view our annual report and constitution here

Hidayah run regular events across the United Kingdom, such as in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, and Bristol. These take place monthly and are attended by our 500+ members. In addition, we have also participated in the following:


  • Leeds University Panel Discussion

  • London LGBTQI+ Photo Campaign

  • Birmingham Bollywood Dance / Social

  • BBC Radio Newcastle Interview

  • Birmingham Pride / Brighton Pride / London Pride

  • LGBTQI+ Muslim Visibility Campaign

  • Birmingham Christmas Party



  • Shoebox Appeal Campaign

  • 2 Soundcloud Productions

  • University of Sheffield Discussion

  • University of Cambridge Discussion

  • BBC Radio 5 / BBC Asian Network

  • iNews / Queer Times/ Gaystar News

  • Manchester Pride / Birmingham Pride / Brighton Pride / London Pride

  • Attended 5 other Panel Discussions

  • Published 4 other Online Articles


  • The Metro Newspaper Article

  • BBC Radio Kent / Sheffield

  • BMSD Minority Campaign

  • Attended Interfaith Conferences

  • Sky News / The Huffington Post Article

  • The Guardian / iNews / Daily Mail Article

  • Bristol Pride / Birmingham Pride / Brighton Pride / London Pride

  • Diva Magazine / Pink News Posts

  • Published 4 other Online Articles



  • Queer Muslim Stories Podcast

  • BBC Asian Network / Shoutout Radio

  • Members Retreat

  • And many more to come…

View our calendar, past and planned events here

View our media and public appearances here

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